Service Delivery policy

Purpose: Why do we have a service delivery policy?

For our organization to deliver high-quality services and activities to our clients, we must be attentive to their needs and strengths!

Having clear, written procedures for the delivery of services provides clarity to our clients about what they can expect from ArcherPoint within our resource constraints. Being focused on responsiveness to their needs and strengths at all stages of the delivery of a service helps us to assist each client to work towards the best possible resolution of their needs.

ArcherPoint core Values that define our Service Delivery Policy.

    Delighting clients with amazing work that they are happy to pay for and rave about to others.
    Building an enduring tribe distinguished by collaboration and always putting the good of the community, clients, and colleagues above self-interest.
    Learning and always challenging ourselves to build a better business and helping our clients do the same.


    This policy will apply to all ArcherPoint clients, services and staff.

Policy Statement: Our Commitment to our Clients.

ArcherPoint is committed to delivering services and products that respond to the needs and strengths of those who use our service, their clients and their fellow employees.

We want those who use our service to be confident that their needs and issues have been understood, that there is a clear plan for the services they will receive from us, and that there is assistance available to build relationships with third party agencies as appropriate.


A. Needs Assessment

    Having assessed a client’s eligibility for our service, the assistance we provide to our clients is designed to meet their specific needs and to build on their strengths.
    We undertake a needs assessment for each client to identify their needs and service delivery options, taking into account their needs and their strengths.

B. Planning, Providing, and reviewing service delivery responses.

    Every client using our service is entitled to:
  • Receive a service that is competent, culturally sensitive, inclusive and designed to respond to their needs as closely as possible
  • Be told clearly how we plan to assist them and the service options available to them.
  • Have the opportunity to reassess both their needs and our progress towards meeting these needs.

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